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Kingsbury Grade

Like Mt Rose and Geiger Grades Kingsbury is a popular climb that is used to test riders fitness and training progress. The climb is an 11.2 mile climb in Douglas County. You can get to the start of the grade by taking Nevada 206 (Foothill Road) south from Genoa to Nevada 207 or you can head west on 207 from US 88 south of Minden, NV. There is a convenient parking lot located here so it is a great starting point. The road conditions on this side of the summit are usually excellent. The road is nicely paved and a good bike lane exists all the way to the summit. The first two to four miles are steady, relatively easy climbing as you rise above the valley floor. Do not let this fool you because the climb gets tougher as you go. Catch a last view of the valley before turning west and proceeding toward Lake Tahoe. The climbing continues to be gradual but little by little it will become steeper as you grind toward the summit. The climb becomes much steeper between the 7 and 8 mile mark. This will be a tough ascent with the grade kicking up to the 11-12% range. Once this section is conquered you still have 2 to 3 miles of good climbing ahead through a series of switchbacks until you reach Daggett summit at 7,332 feet. I want to emphasize that the last third of this ride is very tough and will test riders of all ability levels. It is important to pace yourself over the first two thirds to save enough energy for the final push to the summit. Once over the summit it is a quick and dangerous five mile descent to Lake Tahoe and the Nevada casinos. I urge the use of extreme caution on this side of the mountain. The road is not paved well and there is no shoulder for bicyclists. The traffic is fast and plentiful in this area. I have not personally climbed from the lake using this road. This is a much more dangerous section of road but can be done with care. This is also a jumping off point for Myers and Luther Pass (described on another page at another time) the climb from the east side however is a great test and should not be missed if you are climbing in the Sierras.


Kingsbury Grade
Distance 11.2 Miles
Elevation Gain Approx 2,600 feet

Keys To The Ride

1. Good road all the way to the summit
2. Good biking lane on the Eastern Side
3. Save energy for the last 3 miles
4. It get steeper as you go up
5. Descend to Lake Tahoe cautiously

Kingsbury View

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